Higher Blend Drinking Buddies T-shirt

Project Details

My favorite illustration for Higher Blend! I mean who doesn’t like to party every now and then?! This is actually half of the illustration if you could believe that. The original piece is supposed to be laid out for a skate deck so there’s more to the party not pictured here. I’ll have to post it sometime soon. The shirt will be going up for sale shortly at HigherBlend.com! Stay tuned for more on Higher Blend, I’m really pumped as it’s my first personal clothing brand, with so far only my art, but I’m hoping to get other artists… a “Higher Blend” of artists if you will, involved as well.

Client: Higher Blend

Project Type: Illustration / Graphic Design

Skills Needed: Illustrator, Quick sketching

Tools: Pencil, Illustrator

Project Year: 2015