Jungle Boys – Grow Bulb Tee & Apparel

Project Details The Jungle Boys have become notorious for their tasty flavors throughout the cannabis community. A while back I had created the logo for TLC, then they came to me for the Oil Refinery Co. Logo so it was natural when Jungle Boys came out they would come to me to help them get [...]

Krown Power Tour Poster

Project Details The Kottonmouth Kings "Krown Power Tour Poster" of course had to be something smokey and all over the place. Why not some party lovin' bears?! Had fun illustrating these bears doing what bears do! This is what bears do... right? Project Type: Illustration / Graphic Design Skills Needed: Photoshop, Illustrator, Quick sketching Tools: [...]

Kottonmouth Kings – High Standards And Greatest Hits Album Layout

Project Details This is the album artwork I created for the Kottonmouth Kings - "High Standards and Greatest Hits" album that will be dropping on United Family Music this November. I used the photograph from a photo-shoot they did in San Diego a while back and gave it a whole new twist adding their logo [...]

Kottonmouth Kings Merchandise Catalog

Project Details This was a catalog created to display all of the Kottonmouth Kings current merchandise at the time for an upcoming trade show. I had to either shoot and isolate or mock up all of the products in the catalog, lay them out to fit accordingly. I also had a few personal pieces of [...]

United Family Music Intro Brochure

Project Details This was an intro brochure for all outgoing United Family Music merchandise orders. The brochure highlights all the new UFM artists, merchandise and releases. Client: United Family Music Project Type: Graphic Design Skills Needed: Photoshop, Layout Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesgin Project Year: 2015

Draw Your Heart Out Series

Project Details This is one of my favorite projects to date! The Draw Your Heart Our Series has been a really fun project for me as I let the pencil take my mind away into some cool heart character illustrations. You can check the rest of the hearts out and pick up some rad heart [...]

United Family Music 6 Pack EP’s

Project Details These EP covers were a fun project! United Family Music wanted me to create EP covers with the overall "6 Pack" label theme. Each artist picked a brew and we gave it a little twist or we created custom labels in the same 6 pack label theme. Head over to iTunes and pick [...]