Jungle Boys – Grow Bulb Tee & Apparel

Project Details The Jungle Boys have become notorious for their tasty flavors throughout the cannabis community. A while back I had created the logo for TLC, then they came to me for the Oil Refinery Co. Logo so it was natural when Jungle Boys came out they would come to me to help them get [...]

Krown Power Tour Poster

Project Details The Kottonmouth Kings "Krown Power Tour Poster" of course had to be something smokey and all over the place. Why not some party lovin' bears?! Had fun illustrating these bears doing what bears do! This is what bears do... right? Project Type: Illustration / Graphic Design Skills Needed: Photoshop, Illustrator, Quick sketching Tools: [...]

Draw Your Heart Out Series

Project Details This is one of my favorite projects to date! The Draw Your Heart Our Series has been a really fun project for me as I let the pencil take my mind away into some cool heart character illustrations. You can check the rest of the hearts out and pick up some rad heart [...]

Rise and Shine Coffee Illustration

Project Details Can't live without it! Always have coffee on the brain first thing in the morning. Another personal project in my exploration of character illustration. Project Type: Illustration / Graphic Design Skills Needed: Illustrator, Quick sketching Tools: Pencil, Illustrator Project Year: 2015

Family Reunion Tour Poster

Project Details It's always fun when I get to just go with whatever concept I have in my head. I've been lucky to get some rad projects from United Family Music where I can just illustrate whatever it is I'm feelin' at the time. The ants took over this piece. I'm all about it! Project [...]

Rip I.E. Illustration

Project Details When I heard Internet Explorer was going to be discontinued, I couldn't be happier. Started doodling at my desk and next thing you know this dude appeared. I will not miss the browser one bit. Just hope it dies quick!!! Client: Personal Project Project Type: Graphic Design, Illustration Skills Needed: Quick Sketch, Illustrator [...]

Jingle Bowls Flyer

Project Details My favorite time of year and even more fun when those bowls are packed! Got to do this little Santa illustration for Kottonmouth Kings annual "Jingle Bowls" show. Got lucky and the crazy talented animator Doug Bresler animated the santa for a video ad as well! Peep it out below 🎅💨. Client: United [...]